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An Introduction

JESSIKILL is a Four Piece, female fronted, Heavy Metal Band hailing from Texas.


Jyro Alejo really knows how to rock his guitars. If you need proof, visit the blog section and listen to incomparable solos. His style is unique, moreover his solos are like a signature sound in Jessikill songs. A solid proof is the album Another World. You never get tired of listening to this album over and over again.

Lead vocalist , Jessikill, also known as Jessica Espinoza, is world known for her appearance on the X Factor. Her unique vocal style is captivating, powerful, and hypnotic. She is able to hold a note until you feel it. She combines amazing melodies with aggressive heavy metal tones in a range untouchable by many. She is the Queen of melismatic techniques.



Arturo Knight is A master of his instrument. He not only delivers the band their driving low end and onstage theatrics, but encapsulates the spirit of the group.

He hammers his bass like there’s no tomorrow and keeps his riffs straight and powerful. What more do you want from a true rock star?

Jordan Ames, has technique, speed, accuracy, improvisational skills, is excellent at  innovating something in his playing, that makes him an enthralling performer and fierce drummer. Energetic and dynamic on stage, he

brings a heavy rock sound and a thunderous stick flipping performance to the band.


A Jessikill Concert is out of this world. The powerful energy beaming from the stage, the sound of the guitar and bass, and the rumbling sound of the drums, to the excitement of the fans singing all of their songs, the whole experience is surreal. 


The music in "Another World" includes a combination of brute force and subtlety amid intimacy, and vulnerability,in combination with fearsome screech on full-on throttle metal!  The lyrics will make your heart pound and your hair stand up on end.


Jessikill has gained international attention and have started a following proclaimed as their "METAL KNIGHTS". In 2016 the band was awarded the "BEST METAL BAND", "TOP LOCAL BAND BAND OF THE YEAR" and "BEST FEMALE PERFORMER" at the 2016 SANA Awards. JESSIKILL has performed at numerous venues and has opened up for legendary names such as Dio Disciples, Krokus, Loudness, Queensryche, Symphony X, Overkill, Riot, John 5, Michael Schenker, Jake E Lee, Faster Pussycat, Flyleaf, and more.

Lead Vocals Jessikill 
Vocals and Bass Arturo Knight
Lead Guitar/ Keyboard Jyro Alejo
Drums Jordan Ames




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San Antonio, TX, USA

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